giovedì 24 maggio 2012

Russians since may 20, 2012 have the gun's barrel pointed at the head;

the European Ballistic Missile Defence!

Francesco Caselli

may 24, 2012

Because of this impediment, Russians now, if needed to,
cannot counter-strike. The world ignores this extreme
black swan #1.


On May 03, 2012, the Chief of the Russian Armed
Forces General Staff, Gen. Nikolai Makarov, made
first warning Russia may be obligated destroiyng
European BMD.

So billions persons are at risk to die by
thermonuclear wars, NOW!

Also President Putin, Prime Minister Dimitri
Medvedev made their, respectively, second,
third warnings!


At the same time the world seems to ignore this
extreme danger. Maybe because it is now
distracted by concurrent financial Apocalypse.

But the falling of the banks of Spain, Italy,
France is, if well, a mere black swan #2!

Francesco Caselli


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