domenica 1 agosto 2010

Mr. Berlusconi lost majority of government

The Berlusconi IV administration is on the verge of falling.
On 29 jul 2010 Mr. Berlusconi expelled Rep. Gianfranco Fini
from the PDL, the party they both are founders. Mr. Fini
represents the third State's office, that is the "Presidente
della Camera dei Deputati (Representatives)".

The Berlusconi IV government was supported by 342
Representatives, 174 Senators. Mr. Fini leaded away
34 Rep., 10 Sen. The majority is 316 Rep., 162 Sen.
So Mr. Berlusconi now is underwater as Representatives,
on precarious balance as Senators.

Italy probably will have to go to elections on October 2010.
Mr. Fini seems to have caused his expulsion to stop the
federalist reform's implementation, which involves the
massive reduction of the public funds to Southern Italy.
In fact the "Lega Nord" party acted to retain these funds
in Northern Italy.

Foreign powers may also have promoted the events.
Maybe Mr. Berlusconi is paying his relative
independence on foreign politics.
Perhaps one mighty european nation is afraid of the
industrial competition of Italy, so it acts to paralyse it.
Obviously the financial Apocalypse, or the Apocalypse
"tout court", is also on the background.

The decisions are now to the Italian citizens, who are
perhaps the nation's most reliable political protagonist.

Francesco Caselli

01 august 2010


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